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In the fall of 2010, in one of the largest scandals to ever hit the American court system, information gathered from lawsuits across the country revealed that tens of thousands of foreclosure filings were likely fraudulent if not outright criminal. These revelations sparked a nation wide investigation by all 50 state attorneys general to assess not only the extent of the scandal and its potential impacts but also potential legal and policy responses to such behavior. That investigation is nearing its close.

If you’ve watched the news lately you can’t miss the uproar around these new procedures. And while there is a significant divide in the public over supporting these new search methods the reaction creates a credibility problem for an agency that has suffered for a long time at a lack of public understanding and trust.TSA has long faced ridicule and public backlash for implementing an increasing array of security measures designed to seemingly protect against the most recently reported attempted terrorist attack. Terrorist watch lists, no fly lists, remove your shoes, no large bottles of liquids and now x ray photos and pat downs.

“I do,” Trump said. “I love equal pay. I love equal pay, I do. So this is my Aquatimer 2000. I mainly purchased this for the white faced dial which contrasts nicely with the black and white bezel (I not a huge fan of the updated yellow). The lume on this is spectacular though I was not able to adequately capture it in images.

In a universe in which everything is connected and ever changing precise predictions are, well, impossible. Yes, we do know now that we’ve spiked the atmosphere with so much carbon that a hotter planet and less stable climate are unavoidable. We know little, though, about how humans will ultimately respond to these unprecedented changes..

Of course there are exceptions such as Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who began his political career as executive director of the New Jersey Right to Life Committee. Plenty of Democrats entered politics primarily because of a mix of commitments related to social justice, poverty, labor rights, health care, civil rights and the environment.

For many, it literally felt like they retired to a different country. Day laborers began filling their towns while the native population continues to shrink. Call it bigotry (not saying its not) but I can sympathize with individuals who “woke up one day” and realized more Spanish speakers were coming into their town than there were “real American The millionaires/billionaires that made the news were no longer captains of industry but turtleneck wearing vegans who made devices they could barely afford, and all they can think is wait a minute, I thought I was middle class, where did my spending power go? All the while cities are growing and concentration more wealth (never mind the growing wealth gap and it actual effect on this) and the visible trappings of prosperity are found in those “liberal” cities while another store closes on main street and your own son moves 5 states away because the town doesn have manufacturing jobs anymore..

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