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On another occasion, Zachary and I went to my husband’s school to pick him up so we could all go out to dinner. When we entered the teacher’s lounge, a new staff member introduced himself while we waited for my husband to gather his things. Zachary promptly held up the Cabbage Patch Kid he was holding and said, “I like you..

Look into why does it make your skin crawl. It doesn for me. 🙂 But yes, it is solipsistic, although solipsism isn what most people think it is. Was permanent party there. The pie place in rolla is awesome. Hoppers was the only bar I would go to in St.

That’s a display model, those are not at all a normal use case. If you run your device at full brightness 100% of the time for months on end, then you’re going to see some burn in. Same as how if you leave a laptop/phone plugged in 24/7 it’s going to have accelerated battery degradation..

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sometimes it isn’t what you decide to add to the logo as much as what you decide to leave out. The man who originally drew the Apple logo, Rob Janoff, said he drew the apple with a bite taken out of it so it wouldn’t be mistaken for a cherry, only to later learn “bytes” are fundamental units in computing..

Learn to spot them during the interview process. Don’t hire them in the first place, unless you are prepared to keep vigilance over their behavior and attempt to change it. Good luck. Now instead of parties we take the money we would have spent and do an experience with our kids and maybe a friend. Last year my daughter wanted a sleepover with her “cousin” and her mom wouldn’t commit so we took her to her favorite restaurant for dinner and took her shopping for clothes (her choice). Last year my son wanted to go swimming, so we booked a room at a hotel and ordered in pizza.

WILLIAMS: It’s got to affect a bill like health care. And in fact, when this week, when you heard that Olympia Snowe had decided to become the one Republican to back the Senate finance bill, the large hope among the political class on the Democrat side was to say, well, gee, maybe that could be cover for some of the conservative Democrats. They could say, well, there’s a Republican who voted for this bill and therefore you, as a conservative Democrat, could go back to your constituents and say here’s why I’m taking these steps and, look, there are moderate Republicans..

At my college, every fraternity on campus throws legit “parties” at their respective houses twice and sometime 3 times a weekend (Thursdays, really??). As the DJ for my fraternity, I basically am required to be there at each of those functions. I love DJing, but it gets exhausting.

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