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“It was the most amazing show that I’d ever seen, not just because the music was great, but because it was great theatre. And here’s this beautiful, androgynous man, just being so perverse. As David Byrne so beautifully put it. Just from a practical perspective; there aren that many hosts to execute on the beach, there aren that many Ghost Nation bodies lying around waiting to be scalped, the bodies in the sea would begin to decay, I find it unlikely that Delos would stage smoke coming out of their facility over and over again when Bernard walks up; I could go on and on, but it seems like far too elaborate of a production, involving an insane amount of people, just to jog a host memory.I think the bigger question is when did Bernard change host bodies, and was he the one that decided to do it?Fluffhead83 1 point submitted 1 month agoI kind of agree with this it seems to me that Bernard being run through a loop is not the simplest explanation. I think its more likely that the present timeframe (beach) Bernard is another host entirely or he is perhaps a different version of Bernard (as you mention in your other post).We see him being taken to different areas of the park and seemingly having flashbacks, but has there been any level of confirmation that he is actually having flashbacks? It very well could be that we are being deceived into thinking these are flashbacks instead of just seeing the narrative unfold.SurfaceReflection 1 points submitted 1 month agoWilliam never even mentioned any “real stakes” until the very last episode in first season. And he never shown one tiny bit of care that hosts are “harmless” before that either.All he wanted is to discover the secret of the “maze”.Also, i guess they have some kind of a general plan.

The Blitz Club. The art department has spent the morning making a snooker hall look like the famous 1980s Blitz Club, home to a young Boy George and Steve Strange. We’ve got a look a like to play Boy George (who worked in the cloakroom at the club), but we’ve got Steve Strange for real.

Seeking clarity (and a guidepost for what to collect duty on), the Customs Office polled dealers for a definition and from these formulated one of its own. Antiques, they concluded, were objects that pre dated the mass production of objects in the 1830s. Since the defining moment went back about 100 years, the office defined an antique as something made over 100 years ago.

Results In this series of 13 patients, a statistically significant reduction of pain was seen at both the 2 week post operative timepoint, as well as at the time of longest follow up (mean 40 weeks). Specifically, axial spine pain as rated by the Visual Analog Scale was reduced from a preoperative mean level of 7.827 to a level of 4.000 at 2 weeks, and a level of 2.192 at longest follow up. Five of the 13 patients were still taking narcotic medications for axial spine pain at the point of longest follow up..

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