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There are a couple of revealing details buried in Obama’s data, however. One is that for Obama, success last year often amounted to Congress not taking action. In last year’s speech, Obama had “full success” on eight measures, according to Hoffman and Howard’s data, but five of those eight consisted of things he asked Congress not to do: repeal Dodd Frank, repeal the Affordable Care Act, impose new sanctions on Iran or shut down the government..

Loses Bid to Get Libel Suit Dismissed JULIE FIELDSCenter Aids Seniors Hurt by Van Cutbacks : Transit: Officials try to come up with alternate methods to help its elderly Tustin clients get around. ALAN EYERLY, SPECIAL TO THE TIMESQ ACALABASAS : City Asked to Delay Vote on Park Centre FRANK MANNINGLOS ANGELES : School Officials Lament Red Tape in Quake RepairsSAN CLEMENTE : Fund Raiser Planned for Animal Shelter JEFF BEANLAPD New Outreach to the PublicTaking Aim at Gun Maker : Protest: Demonstrators seek to draw attention to Irvine firm. Want to go home, she says.

Schill: There was no cheap shot. When have I ever taken a cheap shot? I have said dumb things and things that didn’t need to be said, but I don’t do the cheap shots. I spoke with Theo the next morning and made it clear to him that it was not directed at him personally.

I think instead of being anti religion, the books are actually anti church and anti establishment. And I don have a problem with that. I don care how often you go to church, if you don come to your faith from some place inside of you, all the doctrine in the world won matter..

To me. It. I think here represents a lot of what we came to as a band after becoming a bend over the last years and playing. Related Articles Air Travel With a Laptop TSA Carry On Rules for Laptop Computers How to Check a Laptop Computer With TSA at an Airport Airport Rules for Carrying Laptops Priceless photos, bank account log ins, work files, that half finished novel you’re going to publish someday: Your laptop is like a virtual safe for all your most important things. So for most people, losing or damaging a laptop would be devastating. During a flight, the best place for your laptop is in carry on luggage.

I got a good year or so of use out of these $10 glasses, but the nose piece on the right finally gave up the ghost while I was painting a house. Over some gravel. (No rescuing and re wiring for me; I couldn’t find the missing piece.)I had almost given up and ordered a new pair when I started working for Instructables.

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