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KELLY: Developing tonight, one of the most talked about moments of last night’s Democratic convention is the emotional address from the father of a fallen Muslim American soldier. Kzir Khan took to the stage to speak about his late son, Humayun. In 2004, the army captain stabilized a fellow soldiers by insisting they stand back or he checked out a suspicious looking car that abruptly detonated with 200 pounds of explosives inside.

Btw: the terms and conditions on this aren usually enforced. The terms say Uber Pool rides don count for rider credit. But they do. In the past 16 months that fortitude has been tested, by appendicitis and breast cancer. Late last fall, afterO’Connor had a mastectomy, there were rumors that she might retire from the court. In addition to the surgery and subsequent chemotherapy, there was the fact that her husband, John, after seven years at the Washington firm of Miller Chevalier, had moved to a firm that required his presence in the O’Connors’ home town of Phoenix for about half of each month..

It would be more so romanticizing because Tyler wasn’t set up properly to be a mass shooter. If he murdered Monty and Bryce? Sure. But the pain he suffers is not some perceived slight or delusion, it’s very very real. A common allegory is the story of a mechanic who was asked to fix a problem on some complex piece of machinery they specialized in. The mechanic studies the machine for a few moments, opens a box, turns a bolt, and the machine springs back to life. The mechanic then sends the company a bill for $10,000.

MARTIN: Well, you know well, I don’t know. I guess I’m reminded that we all want to be judged on our intention. But we judge other people on the result. FIFA world ranking: 4. ELO world ranking: 5. Morocco (0 0 1, 0 points). The Fed forecasts that by late 2019, the unemployment rate will be 3.5 percent. Now, the last time unemployment was 3.5 percent was late 1969, so we’re talking low unemployment. And yet, the current rate 3.8 percent is already pretty close, and given all that deficit financed government tax cutting and spending over the next couple of years, the Fed’s forecast is defensible..

Tennis in South Africa is an interesting study of the before and after of international sanctions. While other sports, primarily those in the Olympic Games, faced elaborate bans and boycotts, South African tennis players at one time were free to travel the world to compete. And although there were some protests, they were mainly restricted to Davis Cup competition, in which players represented their countries..

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