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When I moved to a new city last year I used Meetup to find a group of friends. It was so strange and scary at first going to our meetings and finding things to talk about but I kept going anyway and now over a year later we are all really good friends and get together all the time. Tonight we are having a girls night pool party!! You just gotta keep going, putting yourself out there and it work.

Republicans have been on a downward trend for several years. They saw their fortunes begin to sink during George W. Bush’s second term, beginning with disillusionment over his Iraq war strategy and accelerating after his administration’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

RACHEL MARTIN, BYLINE: The movie is called “20th Century Women.” And this time, Mike Mills draws from his mom’s extraordinary life and one of his sisters and some other women he’s known. There’s a lot of feminine inspiration going on in this movie. It’s set in Santa Barbara in 1979, where Mills grew up.

There’s a sick thrill to desperation, real or imagined. Everyone’s ready to bear witness to the blizzard to grandchildren they won’t have for another 25 years. Mother Nature has permitted the city to feel edgy, hardscrabble, panicky, overreactive, survivalistic, with the implied assurance that the plows (and spring) are just around the corner.

Now we’re going to turn to the Barbershop. That’s where we sit down with a group of interesting folks to talk about what’s in the news and what’s on their minds. This week a special Barbershop, and because we’re dedicating this hour to President Trump’s first 100 days in office, we thought we’d reach out to a couple of our colleagues who participated in a special project based at WNYC in New York that was organized around that very subject..

“The implication is that these persons will be put on a list because there is an attempt to move to formally charge them and put people on trial,” Mastic said. Embassy and the Egyptian government. This weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton raised the issue in a call with Egypt’s foreign minister.

For 7 nights it looks like it only costs 270k Marriott points. There are several Marriott properties in Manhattan you could consider, ranging from 220k 270k total for 7 nights. I’d pick Essex because I’ve stayed there and the idea of staying in Times Square is my nightnare, but that may be different for you.

Local multiplayer with friends and my siblings was an essential part of gaming for me when I was growing up. So as soon as I could afford to get my siblings the Switch I knew I had to in order to get us gaming together again. To me that worth the cost of the Switch alone but like I said I don know your situation but if you looking to play with friends and family I just don think you can go wrong with a switch..

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